Tuesday 4 December 2012

Sleep... ~ Controlled Crying Controversey!

Controlled crying... Controversial!

Well a week ago we were desperate, we had tried bottles, comfort and put down methods, music, white noise... nothing helped, we were desperate! She would be up for hours in the night.

So we decided on supernanny's timed controlled crying, so it goes like this...


Have a good bedtime routine - we changed ours a bit so we fed her first then got her washed etc, then read a story then bed.

You say - "sleepy time Riley - night night" then leave the room, if she cried wait 2minutes then go back in put a hand on her tummy look at the bridge of her nose and say "shhhhh" and walk out, if she keeps crying double the time each time before going in repeating the above.

The first night she cried for 2 and a half hours!!! It was awful, but after that she has slept sooo well.  I said to myself if the next day she seems really depressed we wouldn't do it again.  But the next morning I walked into her room and was greeted by a huge cheesy grin and a happy baby all morning.

Since then touch wood she has slept 8pm - 8am with just one or two feeds but goes straight back to sleep after.  We have the odd episode of crying, but we just do controlled crying and she goes back to sleep.

It has truly changed all our lives, Rich and me feel more human and Riley seems much happier in the daytime. So I am definitely pro controlled crying I think you just have to choose your moment, any earlier I think she needed our comfort at night but we knew at this point she could settle herself.

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