Sunday 21 July 2013

Breastfeeding ~ time to stop

Well the time is coming to stop breastfeeding completely... I am currently only giving her a feed before she goes to bed and then I give her one when we go to bed... (mainly because she was such a bad sleeper and it means we get 7 hours sleep, but really she probably doesn't need it!)

The plan will be just to give her a cup of warm milk before bed and then hopefully she will sleep all the way through to morning.  It will be very strange not breastfeeding anymore, on the one hand it will be nice to be able to just go out for the evening without worrying.  But on the other hand I feel a bit sad, feeding is always quite a special time, we won't have that anymore.

But thinking about stoppping breastfeeding has got me thinking about breastfeeding generally.  I have to say I feel quite proud that I am still breastfeeding, it hasn't been all easy but on the whole I think I have been quite lucky with it.  I would say the first 3 months are the biggest challenge, they were hard, it felt like I was constantly feeding her, mastitis, feeling I wasn't giving her enough milk or producing too much... but I continued through it and after 3 months it became so easy, no sterlilising, supply and demand kicked in and I have loved it.

I know that many women with epilepsy are told they can't breastfeed as on most medication so make sure it is something you discuss well before the birth so you feel confident to advocate it after labour.  Here's some information from Epilepsy Action:

Here are a couple of websites I found helpful when it came to breastfeeding generally (click on icons): 

Go to the NHS Choices homepage

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