Wednesday 23 October 2013


Riley's definately developing her personality and she understands most of what we say, but she gets frustrated that we still don't always know what she is saying.

With that comes tempertantrums!  We had the first major one a few days ago over her dinner.  She'd been on antibiotics for a week before so I had given her the benfit of the doubt that maybe they'd upset her tummy so she didn't feel hungry so had been giving her fruit which seemed to be happy with.

She finished her antibiotics on the Tuesday, went to nursery on Wednesday and ate and ate and ate there and on Thursday at dinner time she just pushed her dinner away and pointed at the fridge.  Well I said there was nothing else and she could have a yogurt when she'd eaten her meal, so I put her down and she screamed and screamed and screamed.  I sat with her and spoke to her calmly so she knew I was there and when she calmed down a bit gave her a cuddle.  She then pointed at her dinner and proceeded to eat all her dinner and then a yogurt...

It was hard to stand my ground but I did it... I won that one, but I know there will be many more... some we will win, some we will lose!

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