Wednesday 8 January 2014

Epilepsy Awareness Training with a twist!

Today I went to Maidstone to do the Epilepsy Awareness training.  It was a very different situation to any of the other presentations I have done. It was a bit of a mission getting there!  A good test for my bus and train skills!  I had to get the bus to drop Riley at nursery (she screamed when I left her - think the break for Christmas got her out of the routine - but she did have a good day in the end!).  Then luckily a family friend dropped me at Redhill station, then got the train from Redhill to Tonbridge, Tonbridge to Maidstone, then a bus to the school (and the bus before broke down so the bus was packed!)... but it's good proof you can be independent without a driving licence, just a bit more of a challenge!

The training was at a special school for children and young people with additional behavioural and learning needs.  I did a couple of sessions talking to some of the kids at the school, it was a very different audience to what I'm used to giving presentations to... I know the second one I did was much better than the first which I was a bit frustrated with myself over, I think it just took me a little while to put the information into a 10 minute easy to understand talk.  The kids asked some really great questions which was a good sign and one girl talked really openly to me about her brother who has epilepsy, so if nothing else I know I helped her.

I then did the usual awareness training with 70 members of staff... that is by far the biggest group I have ever spoken too!!!  I think it went quite well, I was a little nervous but not as much as I thought I would be.

I think it all went ok and the main thing is I hope today I have been able to raise a bit more awareness of epilepsy :)

Epilepsy Action

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