Sunday 20 April 2014

Our amazing American adventure in pictures

Where do I start?  It was amazing!  I think it will be easier to put it into pictures so here it is…

We're on our way :)

Welcome to America (at 1am London time)

Riley's behind bars! (at Alcatraz)

Gotta get a Tram in San Francisco


Baby, Mummy and Nanny

Winchester Mystery House


Exploring Gold Country

The Big Trees

Exploring the wild west (film country)

The beautiful Emerald Bay at Tahoe


Rich and me on skis together

My wonderful Dad who looked after me during my seizure

So Cool!

Auntie Nikki and Riley on a sledge

Some apres ski

Groveling around in the dirt :)

Fun in the desert

How old are we????

Enjoying the Oasis


The view from our beautiful hotel on the last night


One exhausted baby!

Last stroll along the beach

Sleepy, happy baby flies home :)

All I can say is it was an incredible 2 and a bit weeks :)

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