Tuesday 12 August 2014

Our Adoption Adventure

Rich and I have been thinking long and hard about having another baby.  We want Riley to have a little brother or sister and another child would complete our family.

All our friends are now having second babies and so it is becoming more of a topic of conversation.  At the moment with my medication changes it wouldn't be the right time for us to try for another baby.

So it got us thinking, do we want to go through pregnancy and the first few months of having a tiny baby?  I didn't enjoy the first few months, not from an epilepsy point of view, but I just found it so so hard.

I wouldn't change having had a baby for the world; it is something I think every woman should be able to experience whether or not they have epilepsy.  I don’t want it to seem like I am being a hypocrite in doing all this.  In fact in a way I want it to prove that there is another way to have a family if you have epilepsy.  The fact is pregnancy isn't for everyone (whether or not you have epilepsy) and I don’t think we want to do it again especially when there is another option.

That’s why we started thinking about adoption. It doesn't matter to us whether I give birth to our child, it doesn't matter at what age they join our family, they will be loved just as Riley is and I hope we have a lot to offer a child who hasn't had the easiest start in life.  It’s actually really exciting and something which I think will make our family complete. It's a whole new adventure for us as a family.

We know it could be a long process and I hope we don’t fall at the first hurdle.  I hope my epilepsy doesn't stop us.  So I guess this in a way is a new chapter in our journey.  We've just started contacting some agencies and looking into the process.  We hope we can start the process in the New Year.  So I guess watch this space.

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