Monday, 30 November 2015

A birthday blog! A year seizure free!

Today I am 31, nothing special just another year older...  but today also marks 1 year completely seizure free. I still can't get my head around it as it was only 2 years ago that I came to terms with the fact my focal seizures may never be controlled. I can’t even remember the exact date of my last seizure just that it was in November last year.

So today marks the day I could technically drive again, not that I will because I still don't feel confident that it's controlled. Part of me thinks maybe it's because I was pregnant. Plus even though Benji sleeps better than Riley I still don't feel it's enough sleep and so don't feel safe to drive just yet.

In a few months when Benji is in his own room I will consider driving again but it's scary - I haven't driven in 6 years since my epilepsy was properly diagnosed as focal epilepsy. To just be handed your licence back brings mixed emotions - joy of course that I can have a bit more freedom but also fear of being able to drive and also losing that freedom again.

A lot to get my head round! But the main thing is I am now a year seizure free, the keppra looks like it's working, it's my birthday and the most amazing thing happened this morning. Riley woke up and said 'Happy Birthday Mummy' - she just remembered :) one happy mummy - the best present ever!

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  1. Hi, just seen this blog - I became a dad with epilepsy in January and have had my first seizure looking after the baby today. Luckily I could tell I wasn't right and kept him in his cot but still very worrying. It's reassuring to read that someone in a similar situation is doing well! I take Keppra and Lamotragene and carbamazapine but still having them.

    If you check out my profile I've written some blogs in the past about epilepsy, although fatherhood has stopped the blogging for now!

    Glad things are well for you anyway - hope you've still been seizure free since you wrote this post!