Monday 19 December 2011

15 weeks ~ 2nd scan

We had our second scan this week, it was quite nice because unlike the last scan where I was terrified something was wrong with the baby, this time I was looking forward to just seeing our baby again.  The scan showed that everything was going ok, the baby was growing well and they couldn’t see anything to be concerned about although it was still early days.
I also had an appointment with the community midwife at my local GP, it was really just to get to know them and have my urine and blood pressure checked.  It also a chance to hear baby’s heartbeat, I don’t think I could ever hear that sound enough, I found it absolutely amazing to hear, it was proof there was a real little person inside me and having not yet felt baby move it was incredible to hear and very reassuring.  I felt like my pregnancy so far had just been one appointment after another, I didn’t feel like I had had any chance to enjoy being pregnant.  I was thankful for all the care I was receiving and it made me feel confident I was being looked after.  But I was also looking forward to the next few weeks as I didn’t have any more appointments until the New Year, so I would have a chance to enjoy Christmas with my family and settle into being pregnant, let it all sink in.

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