Monday 12 March 2012

27 weeks ~ amazing mural in baby's room

My pregnancy had pretty much gone smoothly since I’d stopped being sick and excluding the seizure right at the beginning.  I was feeling pretty good, I didn’t feel huge and I loved feeling baby move, it was comforting and just an incredible feeling knowing there was a little life forming inside me.  I was feeling less tired than before I was pregnant which was possibly due to my Lamotrigine levels being lower, it made me remember what life was like before I started the medication and went to highlight the effect that they had on my tiredness and I think it’s more than that, I think they dub down life somehow, it’s difficult to explain, but I was feeling full of energy and just so much more awake and alert.  I loved it, I was finding I could stay out till 11 or 12 at night without feeling too tired and found I was able to function on less hours sleep; I was starting to feel more confident in my own body and the amazing little life we had created.

We also started setting up the nursery, the most amazing part was that Nikki and Dan painted an amazing mural on one wall of the needles.  It really was incredible, so many people have said how talented they are and what a beautiful nursery we have.  My Dad also went up in the loft to see if they still had my old cot, which they did.  It took Rich a couple of hours to set up as hardly surprisingly they hadn’t kept the instructions and there was a crack in the head board but quite low down so it didn’t really effect it.  It looked amazing, it didn’t look like it had been in the loft for 20 years and it was my cot… after having a couple of different mattresses delivered and returned we found one which fitted pretty perfectly.  I spent a weekend painting an old bookcase we had been given and a cheap chest of draws we had bought white.  I remember standing in the doorway to the nursery, and thinking it looks perfect, it made me so excited about baby’s arrival, I felt prepared and more confident.

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