Monday 26 March 2012

29 weeks ~ friends to stay :)

I had a couple of my focal seizures this week, they were very small but still happened, although I knew I would probably have some more as they weren’t controlled before the pregnancy.  Luckily I received a letter from my specialist in the post the next day saying my Lamotrigine levels were still quite low so I increased my dose to 550mg which made me feel a little more confident.

My friend Leti came to visit from Switzerland with her husband, and little boy who was almost 2.  It was so lovely to see her; we managed to have a proper chat about everything, about my pregnancy and how she was getting on in Switzerland.  I had always had great admiration for her as she had become pregnant not long after moving to Switzerland and so had quite a limited support network.  They had brought him up very much on their own, I’m not sure I could do that, I know I am going to rely so much on my Mum and close friends to help me with the baby. 

But having them stay with us taught us a lot about looking after a young child, and I think Rich became more confident because he was so good with their little boy.  We went to the local children’s farm and Rich played with him in the soft play and Rich fed the fish with him every night.  He just seemed like a natural Dad, I knew he would be, but seeing him with her little boy made me smile so much.  It was especially amazing and special because her little boy could only speak Spanish so a lot of our communication was with pointing and facial expressions!!!

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