Saturday 1 February 2014

Buggi Lights


It was just the other day when I was crossing the road after getting the bus home, it was pitch black and there was me with Riley in her black buggy waiting to cross the road.  Suddenly I felt very vulnerable, I realised no-one could see us. Even if I didn't have epilepsy that would have made me think twice, but then I thought what if I had a seizure right now... no-one would see the buggy...

Then a couple of days later I saw a couple of these buggi lights on the table at work.  They seemed perfect.  I had thought about getting some bike lights for the buggy but they are such a hassle to attach.  These you just stretch the strap round part of the buggy and they are on, if you have 2 buggies you can swap them over in seconds, they can fit any sized buggy.

The lights are really bright and they have 3 settings.  They also look fantastic, really child friendly and so many colours to match any buggy.

Basically I love them, I think anyone who has a buggy should have lights on them whether or not they have epilepsy but it gives me added peace of mind that if I were to have a seizure people would see the buggy.

And if that wasn't enough they give 25p from each sale to The Children's Trust who provide rehabilitation, education and care to children across the UK who have suffered a brain injury.

You can get your set at:

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