Wednesday 17 September 2014

27 month check time

So Riley had her 27 month check and all is fine.  Her speech has really come on now and she is learning so quickly.  She comes out with things that just astonish me, it makes me think where or how did you learn that?

They talked about squints and we've already had an appointment at the eye hospital because she does have a slight squint, but her eyesight is fine so they are just monitoring.  As for eating and sleeping everything is fine with that.

The next hurdle is potty training and we have now bought a potty training book (someone should really write one which isn't so pink and cringe-worthy!). I'm not sure Riley is quite ready yet but hopefully in the next few months.  She sits on the potty a lot and we have had some success so that is a good start I think.

Here's a little picture of her playing with her train set.

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