Tuesday 13 October 2015

Our time in hospital ~ waiting, waiting, waiting

So the plan was as quick a discharge as possible but unfortunately things didn't go quite to plan and we ended up staying 3 days.

Luckily due to what happened with Riley we were given a private room and Rich stayed the whole time which made everything much easier.

Benji didn't do a poo for over 48hours which meant we couldn't go home. It also meant the doctors and us were pretty worried something might be wrong with him so I have never been so happy to see  a pooey nappy as I was on Sunday night!

He was also quite sleepy and not feeding very well the first day so I had to express my colostrum and give it in a syringe. It was quite an eye opener, I can't believe how 1ml of liquid can fill a baby up!

Being in the hospital was so hard and the main reason was Riley was so upset we weren't coming home. She came in every day but left in the evening in floods of tears. She loves her brother so so much, it is amazing to watch. She was just such a star and so grown up, I am so so proud of her.

I was feeling pretty well especially compared to last time. I was a lot less sore and able to be up and about. It was the busiest the maternity unit has ever been so we were mostly left to our own devises. In fact my epilepsy medication wasn't even written up until the final night, I didn't even have a hospital bracelet and I don't think many people were even aware I had epilepsy which worked perfectly for me as meant no one tried to intervene with anything!

But going home Monday afternoon was a relief and a chance to get into a routine and start life as a little family of four!

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