Monday 23 April 2012

33 weeks ~ Epilepsy Presentation

Being the fool that I am I had agreed with the volunteer co-ordinator at Epilepsy Action I would do some epilepsy awareness training with a carers company in Tonbridge.  It was a little daunting anyway as I hadn’t given a presentation for epilepsy action before, just done some with groups at work.  Being 33 weeks pregnant didn’t help my nerves.  I had organised with work to leave a bit early as I had to get the train there and back which was a mission in itself.  Public transport when being pregnant isn’t fun, there are some wonderful people who give up their seats to you (and usually not the ones you’d stereotypically think would, another example of don’t judge people), but there are also times where you end up crammed on a bus and then you see someone with a bag on the seat next to them, that really is my pet hate.  Anyway the presentation seemed to go well, I did find it hard to fill a 2 hour slot but I think what I said was meaningful and it wasn’t like I was just reading from a sheet.  People seemed impressed by what I had achieved, and it made me feel quite good, that I had overcome epilepsy to achieve so much.

I also picked up my vitamin K prescription from the doctors, thinking I had finally sorted it all out, to find that the chemists wouldn’t be able to get hold of any as it had been discontinued.  I despaired and decided it could wait until I saw the consultant at Epsom the next week.

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