Wednesday 28 November 2012

Yummy Veg ~ starting weaning

So, it's been a while since I last posted. Riley is now almost 6 months and by current guidelines should start eating solids...

Well we sort of started at 4 and a half months, only a bit of baby rice to begin with, her first proper food was carrots from my late Grandad's veg garden, brought a tear to my eye I have to admit. She is now gobbling down a good couple of tablespoons of veg a day, she loves it, gets really excited when she sees the bowl!

So why did we start, she used to sit at the table while we ate and would grab at our food and cry. When we gave her some baby rice while we ate she was happy as larry so seemed the right thing to do.

But from next week going to start 3 meals a day and add some more exciting things :)

All I know is she loves her veg!

Love the cowe and gate website homemade meals