Monday 23 January 2012

20 weeks ~ first kicks :)

I had an appointment with my epilepsy specialist in London, Rich came with me as it was probably one of the most important appointments so far.  She briefly discussed what extra things needed to be done during labour but she said it wouldn’t be until nearer the time that they would be able to make a proper plan as it all depended on what happened to my medication levels during the pregnancy and whether I had anymore seizures.  She said that as soon as I was in hospital I needed to have an IV inserted and their needed to be medication available so it could be given as soon as I started to seizure.  She also mentioned the possibility of taking another medication such as clobazam during labour to boost my seizure control but that would be what we would discuss nearer the time.  Although not a lot was decided at the appointment I felt more confident as the specialist seemed confident that I could have a normal pregnancy and labour.  She organised for me to have regular blood medication levels taken throughout the pregnancy, the only annoying thing about that was I had to go all the way to London to have the bloods taken but I’d rather that and ensure they get to the right place than have them done at my GPs and they go missing like they have in the past!

On 23rd January 2012 I first felt baby move, it was amazing, and at first it was just like a little twitch inside but as the days moved on the baby’s kicks got stronger.  I cannot explain how incredible that feeling is, but it made it truly real that there really is a little life inside me, independent and yet fully dependent on me.  From that moment I knew I loved this baby so much.

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