Sunday 31 August 2014

Seizure Triggers

I sometimes sit and wonder, what triggers my seizures?  I have come up with many concepts over the last 10 years but alas I feel maybe my seizures just highlight the fact that we as human beings find patterns within coincidences.

My first 4 seizures occurred on a Wednesday afternoon... the first 3 happened 4 weeks apart, the 4th was 8 weeks after that... I know what you are thinking, must be the full moon thing right?  (OK maybe you weren't thinking that but it was my theory at the time)

Then I have had a few during or shortly after running... so maybe they are exercise induced?  But then I have had one when I was just sitting down.

I also seem to have them in the worst places, on my horse, on a chair lift, on a treadmill, walking upstairs... so my latest theory is maybe they are brought on by worrying that I'm going to have a seizure.  So I shouldn't think about it... but then I'm thinking about it more...

It is all so confusing and our brains are so complicated I don’t think I’ll ever know what triggers my seizures.

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