Monday 24 October 2011

7 weeks ~ morning sickness

Finally the house sale went through and we exchanged and completed in a week.  Luckily the moving date was on a day I was at work and we had lots of wonderful friends who offered to help so I managed to get out of moving lots of heavy boxes without people getting suspicious!!!  It was great to finally be moved into our new house, I felt more independent and with the extra space of having 3 bedrooms it felt like a fresh start.  Although there are lots of reasons why moving house isn’t the best idea when you are pregnant, the benefit is you keep one room empty for the baby, otherwise I think it is easy to fill it with things and then have to clear it all out at a later date!

The first awkward situation where I almost had to tell people at work I was pregnant also arose, I was asked to take one of the children to x-ray with another member of staff who I knew would not be able to keep a secret like that to herself.  So I had to make a quick decision, there was one girl at work who I knew I could trust so I quickly found her and explained the situation and that I was 7 weeks pregnant.  She was great; she found the shift leader and said she needed to go to reception near x-ray anyway so she could take her.  However by this point they had found someone else to go but the shift leader said she could still go to reception to do whatever she needed to do.  So off she went to reception for absolutely no reason!  I knew I could trust her and she didn’t tell anyone.

By 7 weeks I was starting to get morning sickness, keeping that a secret from people was also a challenge especially in the job we do.  Changing a child’s pad and chatting away when all you really want to do is vomit and curl up in a ball is very hard and I think the first people to know about my pregnancy at work were some of the children I worked with as I apologised for gagging, if only they could talk!  Luckily I seemed to be able to refrain from vomiting until 9.45am when the children went off to their therapy sessions and I would then go and vomit in the toilet.  People ask me have I had any cravings?  Truthfully not really, in those first few weeks where looking at food made my stomach turn the only thing I fancied eating before about 4pm when I felt better was twiglets but not sure that really counts as a craving.  I lost three quarters of a stone in the first 4 or so months…

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