Monday 19 March 2012

28 weeks ~ anti D for rhesus negative blood group

I had started to see stars occasionally, which I was a little concerned that it could be pre-eclampsia but I didn’t have any other symptoms so I wasn’t too worried.  I happened to get them just before I saw the midwife and my blood pressure was fine, but she suggested I went to the anti-natal assessment unit if it happened again, it just happened that that was the last time they happened which was lucky as I didn’t really fancy walking out of work to go to the assessment unit.  I spoke to my epilepsy nurse about seeing stars and she wasn’t too concerned.  She said it could be because I am on such a high dose of Lamotrigine but not to worry too much and enjoy my pregnancy.  I also had my anti-D injection as I am blood group A rhesus negative just to throw another spanner in the works.  A friend of mine was really worried when she found out she was rhesus negative but to me it is the least of my problems and from what I have read about it, the risks are very small.

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