Monday 5 March 2012

26 weeks ~ blood tests and consultants

I had to go up to London just to have bloods taken to measure my Lamotrigine levels, and although it’s a bit of a faff, going all that way, I would rather go myself and know they’ve got to the right place rather than having them done at my GPs and finding out 2 weeks later they never even arrived at the lab let alone got read!  This has happened to me twice before!  The best part of going to London though was that my Mum came with me; we went for lunch and did some shopping up in London.  It’s always nice to spend some quality time with my Mum doing something a bit different as I love seeing her so regularly but getting to spend a whole day with her is lovely, proper catch up and discussion time.

I also saw the consultant at Epsom Hospital, this time it was a different consultant and I have to say she was less than convincing in her confidence about my care.  I explained my medical history again… you have no idea how many different health professionals I have seen and how I have to tell my full medical history in a 5minute period, I am getting quite good at knowing what they need to hear and what they don’t.  The consultant must have said at least 3 times that I must get my specialist to write a clear plan when I next see her… added to this the fact that she seemed desperate for me to see my specialist sooner than 16th May and her saying “we don’t see many people like you, who’s epilepsy isn’t completely controlled”, you can probably see why I didn’t leave feeling overly confident about the situation.

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