Wednesday 14 May 2014

The ups and downs of epilepsy awareness talks

Giving epilepsy presentations is a strange thing sometimes.  I get quite nervous when I do them, but I think they usually go quite well.  But it is amazing how the audience makes such a huge difference. Sometimes the room is filled with people who would rather not be there but have been made to go by a manager!
But this afternoon I went to a really inspiring school who truly wanted to do as much as they can to support a little boy who had what sounded like quite severe epilepsy.   They were working so hard to give him as much independence as possible while keeping him safe considering everything from reading time (where he often fell asleep) to going to the toilet.
I always find it easier to answer people’s questions rather than just talk at them and they asked so many questions mainly about how what they had heard could impact on the boy himself.  They are in contact with the little boy’s consultant it gives them a huge opportunity to help him and I think the training left them with 2 key points which I think are important for everyone:
  •         Know what it normal for the person so you know when to seek help
  •         Know what’s important to monitor both from a seizure point of view and also the medication side effects.

It really gave me hope that trying to raise awareness of epilepsy is making the world better for people facing its challenges even if it is just one person at a time.

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