Saturday 31 May 2014

Sleep ~ finally getting there!

Sleep... it has been a long hard slog but touch wood Riley is now settling to sleep on her own and usually sleeps through from 8pm til 7am... touch wood.  Sleeping in the day is hit and miss but I can live with that.

I thought I would share a couple of little things which have helped us on the journey to a good nights sleep...

Ok first blackout blinds - we bought easyblackout blinds which basically Velcro onto the window frame.

The second thing was clips to keep her sheet in place... it sounds silly but when she's screaming because she doesn't want to sleep or just wriggling in her sleep, the sheet comes off and she ends up sleeping on the waterproof mattress.  Her cot is an odd size so fitted sheets don't fit.  So we got these clips and they are amazing!

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