Thursday 2 October 2014

Finally a buggy with a dead break :)

So it's a bit late for me but finally a buggy manufacturer has done it... produced a buggy which has a dead break built in and the buggy looks fantastic.  Well done Phil and Ted's :)

Here's the key features:
  • auto stop braking system: safe & convenient
  • 26 riding options to accommodate 1 or 2 newborn babies up to 2 toddlers
  • rear facing double kit option
  • attach 1 or 2 car seats
  • cleverly engineered 'kerb pop' for ultra light handling
  • lightweight at just 12.5kg and 59cm narrow
  • one hand fast fold & automatic frame lock
  • easy adjust tail-free 5 point safety harness with shoulder pads for comfort
  • multi height adjustable handle with comfort foam grip
  • premium fabric
  • deeper, taller & easily removed main seat
  • seat back length: 64cm 
  • multiple seat positions from lie flat for a newborn baby to fully upright
  • follow-the-sun hood with handy storage pockets
  • one hand double kit recline
  • moldable neck support on double kit (sold separately) for a younger baby
  • large shopping basket
  • 12” air filled tyres
  • durable & easy clean plastic footwell 
  • 2-mode front wheel for multi terrain: swivel or lock straight
Here's the Phil and Ted's video... 

now I can see what they are getting at but checking your phone as you push your buggy towards a railway track or adjusting your sunglasses as you walk along a sea wall... seems like irresponsible parenting to me... sort of highlights that any parent can have an accident with their child and actually because we have epilepsy we are more aware of these risks and plan better...

Anyway I'm getting away from the point... this looks like a fantastic buggy and at £449 it isn't ridiculously expensive either compared to other buggies.

And here's the link to the online shop:

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