Thursday 26 March 2015

Raise some global awareness for Purple Day!

I firstly want to apologise for the lack of blogs in recent months – a lot had been going on behind the scenes (many of you close to us will know the details), I haven’t felt quite ready to share it all yet but hopefully next week we will have some good news to share with you all so watch this space!

But today is Purple Day and so that is what I want to blog about.  First of all Happy Purple Day to you all, I hope all my fellow epilepsy warriors have a seizure free day and that all your events are a success.  If you don’t have epilepsy thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and learn a bit about epilepsy.

So Epilepsy Action are asking today – ‘What does epilepsy look like?’ That’s an interesting question… what does epilepsy look like to me?  Well to me it’s something that lurks in the corner, I am lucky because most of the time it doesn’t affect my life, I take my tablets and my seizures stay away most of the time just rearing their ugly head every now and again.  

But it is always there – impacting on the bigger picture, making me more reliant on others for lifts or just because I am tired, making me have to risk assess things I wouldn’t have thought twice about before.  But epilepsy has also given more meaning in my life – it has given me a way to help others affected by the condition and allowed me to meet so many inspirational people who have changed the way I think about life.

Tonight I have been invited to the fantastic Young Epilepsy Champion Awards which I am really looking forward to – it will be a chance to hear so many inspirational stories and I will share them with you all in my next blog which I promise will be in the next few days J

So once again Happy Purple Day everyone!

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