Monday 30 November 2015

A birthday blog! A year seizure free!

Today I am 31, nothing special just another year older...  but today also marks 1 year completely seizure free. I still can't get my head around it as it was only 2 years ago that I came to terms with the fact my focal seizures may never be controlled. I can’t even remember the exact date of my last seizure just that it was in November last year.

So today marks the day I could technically drive again, not that I will because I still don't feel confident that it's controlled. Part of me thinks maybe it's because I was pregnant. Plus even though Benji sleeps better than Riley I still don't feel it's enough sleep and so don't feel safe to drive just yet.

In a few months when Benji is in his own room I will consider driving again but it's scary - I haven't driven in 6 years since my epilepsy was properly diagnosed as focal epilepsy. To just be handed your licence back brings mixed emotions - joy of course that I can have a bit more freedom but also fear of being able to drive and also losing that freedom again.

A lot to get my head round! But the main thing is I am now a year seizure free, the keppra looks like it's working, it's my birthday and the most amazing thing happened this morning. Riley woke up and said 'Happy Birthday Mummy' - she just remembered :) one happy mummy - the best present ever!

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