Tuesday 1 March 2016

Epilepsy Blog Relay!

So I am taking part in this months Epilepsy Blog Relay, but what does that mean?  Well here's a bit of information about it and how you can get involved.

Living Well With Epilepsy’s Epilepsy Blog Relay is an epilepsy awareness movement to designed to maximize collaboration and eliminate stigma.

The concept is simple. 30 bloggers post on their own site, each taking one day of the month. In their post, participating bloggers are asked to acknowledge the blog relay with a link back to Living Well With Epilepsy and to promote the next day’s post.

This month the epilepsy blog relay is running to support Purple day which is on 26th March and the blog relay is going to cover the following topics week by week.

Week 1: Epilepsy in Everyday Life (Mar 1-7)
Week 2: Tech and Innovation in Epilepsy (Mar 8-14)
Week 3: Epilepsy and Families: Awareness Matters (Mar 15-21)
Week 4: Creativity and Epilepsy (Mar 22-28)

I'll be writing for it on 19th March, I'm still working on what I am going to write about so watch this space.

You can get involved on social media and spread the word using #epilepsyblogrelay

You can see all the participants and read their brilliant blog as they write them here.


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