Friday 1 June 2012

39 weeks ~ my Grandad's Funeral

In the last week I decided maybe I should address my vitamin D deficiency as I was worried it could impact on my baby if I was breastfeeding, I had worked with a little boy who had had a cardiac arrest as his mother was Muslim and so being wrapped up all the time had very low vitamin D levels which had been passed onto her baby. My GP was quite vague as many GPs are, I again got told to go out in the sun more, I am really fed up with that comment, I do go out in the sun, I make a real effort to go out in short bursts so I don’t wear sun cream but don’t get burnt either.  I explained that my AEDs can cause a vitamin D deficiency which is why osteoporosis is more common in people with AEDs; vitamin D is involved in the laying down of calcium in the bones.  The doctor did go and find my old notes and prescribed me a different vitamin D supplement as the last one I was prescribed with calcium made me very constipated, I don’t think it was just that as still having to take a sachet of Movicol and a couple of spoons of bran to stop me being constipated but the first supplement definitely made it worse.  They also took more bloods to check my levels.  When I picked up the supplement from the chemist I found it was the same dose as the spray I was taking from Holland and Barrett so decided to carry on with the spray.  The GP rang me to say my levels were low but not seriously low as my last blood test a year ago showed and he said most people’s levels are at that level anyway.  So I decided to leave the possibility of vitamin D injections which had been suggested by my epilepsy specialist for a future time, just something to keep in the back of my mind, maybe to review at a later date. 

My Grandad’s funeral was on the 1st June… we had made it.  I was a little worried as I had felt groggy for a few days and my Mum had said before she had me she had just felt a little under the weather. The funeral director seemed a little concerned as I got into the funeral car, think he was worried my waters might break and looking back he had good reason.  It was a very emotional day, so many people there who had so many wonderful memories of him.  It was a beautiful service, what he deserved.  But it was too much for me, I cried so much, sitting there feeling baby move, made me feel so sad he never met the baby. Nikki sang, I don’t know how she managed it, but at the end we both broke down together.  The wake was emotionally easier, was really lovely to see family who I hadn’t seen in a long time.  Was lovely to talk about Grandad, share memories and there was also the imminent beginning of a new life, my baby’s life, it was something else to talk about.  It was a lovely day and we sat out on the balcony Nikki, Dan, Rich, me, Jenny and Kristen who both worked in the yard.  We had a good natter, Grandad had played a big part in bringing us all together in the first place, he bought and had such a big part in the yard and that was where we had all met.  There are so many wonderful people I have met through the yard.

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