Friday 19 October 2012

4 and a half months! ~ what's she up to?

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Riley's contribution!!!

She's growing up so fast, she using her hands more (as shown above) grabs her toes and can even put them in her mouth!  She is so interested in everything, we've been on some exciting outings, discovery centres, the rain room in London, she just loves being out places :)

Sleeping is still hit and miss, she just doesn't need much sleep but getting used to that, she'll only sleep for about an hour total in the day but in a way that's good, she must be learning lots!  The plan is for her to go into her room as she does have a bit of a tendency to lie in her bed at 4am babbling to herself and we only get her up as she keeps both of us awake.  In her own room she'll be able to babble away to her hearts content.  I know they recommened 6 months but it just makes sense as Rich quite often wakes her in the morning when he goes to work too.  Plus she's got a beautiful mural to look at :)

We've also tried her with some baby rice a couple of times, still not sure what she thinks of it, she pushes the spoon towards her mouth but I think she's still figuring out how to get it to the back of her mouth...

So all is going well!!!

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