Tuesday 23 October 2012

Swimming ~ Aquatots Lessons

Riley's just started swimming with her Daddy and she seems to love it :) next week they go under water so we will see what she thinks of that.

I think it's amazing that they can just swim under water, apparently until they are 8-10months they have a relex whereby a flap of skin moves over there windpipe as soon as they are submerged!

Here's just a few extracts from the Aquababy website which is who we're having lessons with - they seem amazing...

All babies are born with the natural ability to swim and are perfectly adapted to immersion in water. One reason is the mammalian diving reflex that makes them automatically breath-hold whilst submerged.

Regular use of armbands and similar swimming aids can create false security and confidence. Learning to swim freestyle (doggy paddle swimming) from an early age is far more natural, fun and easy!

Amazing results and life saving skills are often obtained in a few lessons. They learn for instance to breath hold, turn to the side and kick from the bottom, all of these important water safety skills that may save your babys life some day, making them less likely to panic should they accidentally fall into any body of water.
Most babies are about two an a half to three years old before they have the muscle co-ordination and motivation required to actually lift their head up and breath above water. So until then, make the most of it and let them have the opportunity of early adaption to water. The earlier you start and the younger your baby is, the better.

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