Saturday 29 December 2012

Catching up with the rest of the family ~ Andover and Dorset

We have spent the past few days visiting Rich's family.  We started with a day with Riley's Grandad and Grandma Frances in Andover, it was nice to see them and Riley enjoyed spending the day with them, she started to get quite chatty by the end which showed she was feeling at home.  They gave her some lovely toys and clothes.

We also got to visit Riley's Great Grandma who seemed very happy to see her and gave her a knitted blanket (I fell into the old trap of saying how nice something was in polite conversation to end up taking it home!!!) and a couple of cuddly dogs which had apparently been in the house since Rich was little and after a trip through the washing machine were pretty sweet and Riley thought they were funny.

We then went down to see Riley's Nou Nou, she is a very distant related Great Grandma who happens to be the same age as our parents, they live on the Somerset border, so quite a drive but their house is lovely.  Rich's family is very complicated, if I have time in the future I will try to explain it!  Her son, Tom, is Rich's Great Uncle but is younger than Rich, they have grown up together more like brothers and we spend a lot of time and are close to him and his wife Alex.  They were there too.

It was a lovely couple of days, like a little extra Christmas.  We have been down once before and always feel very wecome and have a lovely time. Riley loved their 2 dogs Maisy and Poppy so she was super happy.

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