Wednesday 5 June 2013

A New Job ~ Online Community Co-ordinator

Well up until now I haven't mentioned about my job situation much. But I have a new job :) it's a new challenge, something a bit different but sort of an extension of my blogging... which is fantastic. It's a bit scary, having something which at the end of the day comes down to me, but I am really excited about it and have some ideas to work on :)

It's a way of supporting parents without the limitations of not be able to work one to one with the kids, so I can give my full and it is a real challenge. It's developing the online forum which is linked to the brain injury information hub, so I'm not leaving the place I work just transferring departments. I will have a lot to learn but I'm really up for something completely different.

Everything seems to be just slotting into place, I feel very lucky. I start on the 1st July, so watch this space :)

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