Thursday 13 June 2013

Riley's 1st Flight and America

So our Riley's first flight...

On the way to Switzerland it went really well, we kept her reasonably well amused and she put her hands in the air on take off and landing.

On the way home things weren't so great, we all had colds so as we came into land the pressure in our ears was really bad.  Riley was screaming and squirming around, it was horrible, I felt so bad.

So what we have learnt is hope Riley doesn't have a cold when she flies, understandably.

I don't think I have spoken about it before but now the flights are all booked... we're off to California in March next year.  We used to go as children, we have always skied (my Dad's a ski instructor!) so the plan is to fly into San Francisco and head up to Lake Tahoe to ski, then head down to LA.

It's all very exciting and we are in the process of saving for it.  Lake Tahoe is truely beautiful...

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