Wednesday 12 June 2013

Euston Station Collection ~ £300 not bad!

A couple of weeks back we did a collection in Euston station, we actually raised over £300.  It was an eye opening experience...  it's amazing how people can look straight through you and even walk into you!  I spent the first half of the afternoon just smiling at people which seemed to get me a bit of money, a lot of people just said they felt guilty with me standing there!  However one lady just walked over and gave us a £10 note!

In the second half of the afternoon another girl joined me, it was great to chat to her, we seemed to have a lot in common.  I don't have many friends with epilepsy so it's always great to meet others in a similar situation to me :)

Apparently it is illegal to ratal a charity tin in London as it is intimerdating... hmmmm... well we found a technique of sort of moving our buckets in the direction of groups of people thus not intimerdating anyone individual... well that was our understanding of the issue anyway.  It seemed to work pretty well and I think raising £300 as a group over the day is pretty good.

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