Wednesday 9 September 2015

Becoming a big sister!

Riley is well aware she's going to become a big sister in the next few weeks and she seems really excited.  She talks to my bump, kisses and cuddles it and tells everyone she's going to be a big sister soon.  She seems quite aware of what having a baby around entails, she breastfeeds her teddy and can change a nappy!  All in all she seems super excited which is fantastic.

But I am under no illusion that this is going to be an easy transition for her, even now there are little tell tell signs which let me know she needs our support even more at the moment.  Every time someone special leaves we have tears at the moment and asking for 'one more' kiss and cuddle.  But as I have said in previous posts all we can do is show her we love her and take each day as it comes.

I know she is going to be an amazing big sister.  Here's a picture of us on our last holiday as a little family of 3!

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