Monday 11 March 2013

Activity of the Week ~ O ball

Ok, this involves buying something... but for a fiver on amazon, it's worth evey penny.  It doesn't look like much and to be honest when I first saw it I wasn't sure how long it would keep Riley amused  But it was a present from a very good friend who is fantastic with kids, at my old job she was so proactive and creative with the challenging teenagers we cared for, that I though there must be more too it...

click for more information:  Rhino Toys

Well I was right, Riley loves it (and I think it might be her Nanny's favourite too - always ends up in the bag when she takes her out).  It is squidgy so you can squash it and it pops back up (also good for squeezing into the last small space in an oevrflowing bag!), you can throw it, roll it bounce it, hide it, chase it, it is perfect for little fingers to grab hold of and if it hits you or anything else it doesn't cause any damage!  It has provided us with hours of fun :)

So maybe give it a go, it's a very simple, practical yet time wasting toy!

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