Monday 4 March 2013

Pregnancy Research - Trip to London

I don't think I posted about our trip to London last weekend... we went to meet a girl to be part of a piece of research she is doing on the psychological impact of having epilepsy and pregnancy. She is interviewing women who are pregnant or have been in the last 9months, about their experiences. If you're interested in taking part e-mail Stephanie:

Well we made a day of it, we went to watch the changing guards at Buckingham palace, it was freezing cold and snowing and still hundreds of people had turned up to watch so we did the sensible thing of getting yummy hot chocolate and cake in a warm cafe instead.

Then we went to Covent Garden, watched some street art, got a free hug :) (Riley made the girl's day!) and found a Moomin. Many people probably know I am terrified of people dressed up like this so this shows how much I love Moomins :) There was a shop full of Moomin stuff. Riley's first toy in hospital was a Moomin.


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