Tuesday 26 March 2013

Nursery ~ what a nightmare!

Well returning to work is looming, in just over a weeks time I'll be back. I'm now going back to the unit I left until a new unit opens which means I can settle back in where I know I can do the job and have a lot of support. So at least that's sorted.

But nursery is a nightmare, Riley was ill Friday, had a temp of 39.2 so we went off to the doctors as I was very worried she seemed really distressed. The doctor said she had a sore throat so was probably a virus. Well over the weekend she was fine, couldn't believe how quickly babies can go from well to ill to well again!

Well maybe she wasn't so well... after spending an hour in nursery with me there screaming she came home and had diarrhoea yesterday evening so obviously she can't go back for her sessions today and tomorrow.

She was so unsettled and distressed there, it really upset me and now I feel bad as maybe she was feeling rough and that's why she was crying... anyway now her first settling in time on her own won't be until Tuesday and then Wednesday I'm back at work but luckily Rich is off :( so she won't have to do the full day in nursery.

It's all just being drawn out and it was really hard yesterday... wish I didn't have to go back, but I do so I just want to get into a routine and for Riley to be happy and settled, hate seeing her so upset :(

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