Friday 8 March 2013

More Research ~ Transcranial Magnetic Brain Stimulation

Well yesterday I took part in a study to try to predict the effectiveness of epilepsy medication before you start taking it.

I went up to kings college hospital and my wonderful mum looked after riley. they did a simple test called transcranial magnetic brain stimulation which measures brain excitability.

Basically the hold a big plastic thing on your head which stimulates the part of your brain which moves your hand, it makes it twitch and they measure that. A bit weird but totally painless! Don't ask me what how it helps research, went way over my head (hehe) but if it helps I'm happy to help.

For more info here's the website, it does only say they are looking for people changing meds but they also want people with controlled or uncontrolled epilepsy

Or contact Adam Pawley on 0207 848 5162 or 07594 527592. Email

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