Thursday 19 December 2013

So what now for the Meds?

So as for meds, I have put my Lamotrigine up to 500mg and touch wood seem to be tolerating it.  I have had a bit of a tremor at times, but I have had that before and I can live with it.  But I think it is time for a change of meds... the Lamotrigine has definitely made a difference, I was having them monthly and when my Lamotrigine got above 200mg they became yearly.  But since then I don't think things have changed much.

So in June when I next see the consultant I will change to Keppra.  I'm a bit nervous, I've heard a lot of negative stuff and apparently 1 in 10 people have changes in their mood... I hope that's not me.  I hope that my family will tell me if I become different.  I sort of feel that the Lamotrigine maybe helping with my mood too  I know it's used for bi-polar as a mood stabilisor, and I don't know enough about it to be able to say but somehow I feel less up and down since being on it.  I'm not in anyway saying I have bi-polar and I started Lamotrigine as a teenager when being up and down is normal.

I guess when you've been on a medication for more than a third of your life you start to question what you were like before... the side effects from medication are often negative but I guess sometime medication can help other things without you even knowing.  A med change is pretty scary to me, it's the first one and on top of all that stuff I'm worried about having seizures too!  But it makes sense and I know I can do it and that I have so much support from my family :)

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