Wednesday 8 January 2014

Once upon a time there was a little robot called Tim-Tron...

Cartoon of Tim-Tron, a robot with a dog

I thought I'd write a bit about a new book which will be available from The Children's Trust (where I work) from next week... it is called Heads Up Tim-Tron and is about a little robot who bangs his head.  The aim is to help explain brain injury to younger children in a colourful and interesting way.

The story was written by my manager Ian and has beautiful illustrations :) there is also an audio read along track by Richard Hammond.  It will be available for just the cost of postage and packing so hopefully it will reach as many families as possible.

You can read more about how Tim-Tron was created in a blog written by Scope:

It is one of 3 publications that The Children's Trust are releasing next week, the second one is a Medi-Kidz comic book which aims to explain acquired brain injury to older children.

There is an epilepsy Medi-Kidz comic already which is available for free from Epilepsy Action (click on the comic to order a copy)...

The final book is a parents handbook which will be packed full of all the most key information about childhood brain injury.

All the books will be available on Monday and I'll post the link to the site when it's up and running :)

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