Monday 20 January 2014

Riley's Dedication - Sunday 19th January 2014

We had Riley’s dedication on Sunday.  It was a truly wonderful day, exactly how we wanted it to be.  I think the fact that we put so much thought into it meant it was more meaningful than having her christened would have been because the promises we all made were true.
The church is really like a big family and Riley’s dedication made me realise that even more.  The support we had on the day and how welcoming everyone was to all our friends and family made me feel so lucky to be part of the church.
I hope that I can help bring Riley up to know God and I know that I have the support of everyone in the church to do that.  More importantly while Rich doesn't believe in God the church has made him feel so welcome and I feel like he supports me in telling her about God, before I felt we were on opposite sides, now I feel we are working together to give her a balanced view so she can make her own decision.
I’m not going to go on about god, not because I don’t believe, but because I don’t believe in pushing my beliefs on others.  But I am proud to say I am part of Horizon church and that I have a faith in God and his plan for me.  I feel blessed for all I have and although I have epilepsy (which does suck at times!) I feel blessed that I am able to do so much to help others through living with it.
I’ll post some photos of her dedication when I have some!

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