Thursday 2 January 2014

Riley's Dedication - Sunday 19th January 2014

In a couple of weeks time Riley is having her dedication at our church.  We have given our pastor a bit of a challenge I think, we spent 2 hours with him discussing everything!  So basically because Rich doesn’t believe- that poses the first issue… and then Nikki and Dan also don’t believe but we want them to be God parents - which poses a second issue!
On one hand I don’t want any of them to make promises they don’t believe in, but at the same time I don’t want to take away from the fact that I want Riley to be part of Horizon to know God.  I feel I believe in God, have a relationship with God and I want Riley to share in that, I want to be able to share that with Riley.
I guess the first thing I feel being part of Horizon has done is because everyone accepts Rich even though he doesn’t believe I don’t feel like I’m fighting him in helping Riley know God, I feel like he respects that part of my life now, is happy to embrace it.  I think Rich’s past experiences of religion have been so negative, being accepted by Horizon means a lot to him, makes him see things more positively.
I also feel like being part of Horizon means I’m not alone in sharing my beliefs with Riley I have the church to help Riley make a decision about her beliefs in God too.
As for Nikki and Dan being god parents – if anything were to happen to Rich and me, we hope Nikki and Dan would look after her and as such I would want them to allow Riley to know God so she could make a decision as to what she believes.  So I guess what I want isn’t for them to stand there and say they believe in God, but to be able to say we will help Riley to know God, encourage her to be part of the church.
But I know putting all that into words that can be said during a service is pretty tricky.  I feel very lucky to have a pastor who looks out for us so much and the fact that so much effort is being put in to make sure it totally meaningful to us and so will be very special.

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