Friday 3 January 2014

Our adventure to America!

So with Christmas over and we’ve been out and bought our ski stuff it seems like our holiday is just around the corner (which I guess it is!).  In a way having the seizure has made me think about the implications of having a seizure skiing – so maybe it was a good thing.
I will not let epilepsy rule my life, it certainly won’t stop me skiing… but what’s the point in taking risks you can avoid.  So if I have a seizure skiing it’s only like falling over.  Yes I might hurt myself but I’m going to rent a helmet, which is a sensible move anyway, Michael Schumacher’s recent accident proves they can save your life.
So the most dangerous bit is if I were to have a seizure on a chair lift… I’m not going to pretend this is my idea, so here’s a link to the blog!
So we’ve bought all the bits needed and it looks good.  So that’s that worry sorted :)
I sent Alpine Meadows a tweet asking if they have any rules surrounding people with epilepsy skiing and they tweeted back “You are able to ski at Alpine – we have no policy.  See you on the slopes!” so that’s that worry sorted :)
Then there was the issue of travel insurance.  Well I’ve looked on insure and go who have a form for if you have epilepsy that is easy to use and relevant.  They don’t consider seizures which don’t affect your consciousness, they don’t even ask for them.  So if I don’t have any more tonic-clonic seizures between now and then it will cost an extra £40 and if I have 1-2 in the 4 weeks before we go they will still cover me for winter sports for an extra £80.  So although that’s quite a lot of money, it’s not excessive and most importantly they will insure me :) so that’s that worry sorted.
So now I can just be excited about going! Yay!

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