Sunday 30 September 2012

1 year since my last major seizure....

So it's been a whole year since my last Tonic-Clonic seizure, I've had quite a few focal seizure but only a couple of small ones since Riley's arrived which a miracle really considering the lack of sleep.

For most people 1year is a hurdle overcome, for me it is scary, it's usually a year between my seizures, I find myself thinking a lot about what if I have a seizure right now.  I have had Riley in her carrier a few times recently and found myself worrying, on the whole I try not to think about it but just recently I find myself worrying more.

I also have the decision to make about medication, 450mg Lamotrigine puts the chance of birth defects in a baby to 6% (according to the research on epilepsy action's website), so if we want to have another baby the risks are far greater... so do we try something else, but then the risks of more seizures are high till we get the dose right... that would put Riley at risk...

So at the moment the Jury's out, but I think right now Riley is the priority, another baby can wait but at the moment all I want to do is do everything I can to keep Riley safe while giving her all the best experiences I can in life.

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