Wednesday 5 September 2012

Start of up-to-date blog : 13 weeks

Up until now my blog has been looking back on my pregnancy and the first 3 months of Riley's life, now I am going to write about my life as a mum as I go along...

Riley is now 13weeks, what can I say abour her... she smiles lots, babbles away to us, likes to stand up while being held, lies on her tummy lots.  To me she is amazing in every way.  From now on my blog will follow our life as a little family and following Riley's development.  I will also write about my epilepsy, and how it impacts on my life and life as a mum.

So... week 13

Last weekend we went to the paralympics, we saw wheelchair basketball on Saturday and equestrian dressage on Monday.   Riley was on the most part a star, she is very inquisative and was really happy to watch everyone and take in the atmosphere (which was amazing, everyone was so friendly and enthusiastic) we even got to see Natasha Baker win Gold and got to stand to the National Anthem at the medal ceremony... amazing.  We were a bit worried about the noise so we got her the rather fetching ear defenders pictured below!  She actually didn't mind the noise but we thought we should put them on to protect her little ears.  All the volunteers were amazing, so baby friendly... from the man on the gate at our local station who gave us a map and explained ther best route to keep moving and away from the crowds, to the lady who hustled us into the shade, finding us a chair so we didn't have to que in the hot sun!  It was amazing!

I think however it may have been a bit over stimulating for a little person as she really wouldn't settle to sleep after, but it was a once in a lifetime oppertunity so we had to do it and now we can say to Riley you were there.  It was also very hot at the dressage, over the day we stripped layers off until by the time we got off the train she was just in a nappy!

Another very useful piece of equipment for going to busy places where it's just not practical to take a push chair... a Moby Wrap, from an epilepsy point of view it may hold some risk but from a practical point of view it was great she loved it as she could see out more than in her other carrier... weighing up the risks is one of those things that you have to do with epilepsy.  You just never know when a seizure might happen but you can't spend your whole life avoiding everything just in case...

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