Sunday 23 September 2012

16 weeks ~ giggles

Riley's 16weeks today! Time has just flown by.  Today we went to the Aquarium in Brighton, Riley seemed to love it.  All the colours, lights and fish moving around.  We went on the pier after too, in the pouring rain, but Riley was fine in her little bubble of a buggy.

She's started giggling this week and is much more interested in the world. We went to the nest baby group on Thursday, Riley was sitting opposite another little girl and seemed to be really looking at her.  She really is amazing and so good, she smiles and is so alert and happy so much of the time.  She is also getting very strong standing up and looking out the window while holding onto the sofa!

Her sleep is still a little hit and miss, but she's sleeping in her own big cot now which is good and seems a bit better, taking less time to settle, but still away to go but we're testing there :)

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