Sunday 30 September 2012

17 weeks ~ standing up

I find it amazing how much Riley changes everyday, the last few days she has been really giggling, today we popped into work and she was just so smiley. I feel very lucky that she is so alert and interested in everything. Even if it does mean she doesn't sleep very much and needs a lot of entertaining. But have got lots of tricks up my sleeve - sensory box, tummy time activities and long long walks even in the pouring rain (and together with breast feeding I've shifted the baby weight!)

She's started looking at things and really studying them, she's found her feet and Yesterday she put her feet up on the bar of her buggy really purposefully.  It's all the little things that make me realise how much she's changing and growing up so fast. The most moving thing this week is she can stand up at the window on her own holding onto the sofa :)

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