Tuesday 22 October 2013

What's Riley been up to? Here goes...

Riley’s definitely walking now!  And she loves it!  She has got really fast and can get into extra trouble now and the things is she knows when she’s doing something she shouldn’t be doing because she gives you this huge cheeky grin!  And then you can’t help but find it funny most of the time!

The other good thing is she is getting much less clingy at toddler groups which is fantastic because she always used to just cling onto me and wouldn’t go off and play on her own.  She maybe a bit shy but she’s certainly rough and tough, she got hit by one of those plastic push along cars twice yesterday and she didn’t cry.  It’s good because you know if she does cry she’s actually hurt herself.

She’s had her first course of antibiotics as she has had a chest infection and I think considering she has been ill so many times is pretty good going!  She is such a good girl though, when we went to the doctors, he was running 30 minutes late so when we eventually got in there she sat quietly while he listened to her chest and then let him look in her ears and throat without any complaining.  He said she had a bit of a chest infection gave us a prescription, Riley said bye bye and we were in and out in about 5minutes!

What else… she has settled much better at nursery now.  The girls there say she makes them laugh because she chases all the boys around trying to hug and kiss them, but they don’t like it!  Not sure what that says about her!?!

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