Thursday 14 November 2013

Calling all Dad's with Epilepsy

I was contacted  by a family who the father had epilepsy and wanted advice.  It was something which I had been thinking about for a while.  I have made this blog and network focus on women and while women have the added worry of the medication and seizures impacting on the baby.

But one of the biggest worries I had was actually looking after Riley and I know how much Rich is involved in Riley's life, if he had epilepsy that would be a huge worry for him and me.  I suppose it turned things around for me.  This needs to not only focus on women but also men who have epilepsy and are thinking of or already have started a family.

And also maybe more than that, maybe I didn't consider enough what an impact it has on Rich, of his worries and so this whole thing needs to look beyond just women.

So I guess the people I hope my story will help has grown, I want to reach women and men considering starting a family in the future, pregnant women and mothers and fathers with epilepsy and their partners... it has opened my mind to the fact that the issues of epilepsy and pregnancy are far bigger than I first considered!

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