Monday 25 November 2013

Neuro appointment on Wednesday...

On Wednesday it's my neurology appointment in London with my lovely specialist.  I feel so lucky to have such great medical care now.  I don't really know what to expect, I.  I'm still having the odd occasional small seizure but it's be over 2 years since my last seizure which happened when I was pregnant.  So I don't think changing my meds makes any sense.

The lamotrigine seems to affect my stomach but I can manage that with Movicol and it might not be the lamotrigine anyway, it could be the folic acid or vitamin D although I have tried to stop these in the past and still had the same problems... who knows.  I also get a bit dizzy sometimes which I'm pretty sure is the meds as it is always worse if I take a dose before bed at say 10pm and then one early at say 6.30am when I was working really early...

But I can live with the small seizures and the side effects aren't that bad.  Changing meds means probably having more big seizures and even though I can just go back to being on Lamotrigine if it all goes wrong, things seem settled somehow right now (touch wood).  I don't want to change anything.

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